Friends Around The World: South Africa - Cape Town

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Get ready to meet Lolitha!


Let your child make a digital pen pal whilst learning more about Cape Town, South Africa and building their perspective and empathy!
FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD is a unique set of classes developed between The Breteau Foundation ( and Be A Better Human.
If you have children under the age of 12, these classes are fabulous resource that you can use to:
a) Keep them occupied
b) build on a series that is interactive and educational
c) to develop empathy in children and introduce those children to another child from another culture.
The classes allow your child to 'meet' a child of a similar age in another country and learn more about their way of life - almost like a digital pen pal!
This is a fun way to bring awareness and discussion points up in the family that address things like privilege, religion, empathy, family structures.
The Breteau Foundation work in some of the poorest and most in need countries in the world. We need the next generation to have more of a 'global citizen mindset' to get the inequalities addressed.
Each class focuses on a specific area within in country, and links educational activities to be done in class. Each area showcases a unique child's situation (fictional) whilst building on the knowledge about the country.
Each element of activity is currently part of the basic global curriculum and downloads are provided with each class that the can be printed off.